The South America Investment Tour.

South America is the next stampede.

We are absolutely positive that South is the new way up for many Americans. The future is happening NOW. This is the drip that turned into a trickle. We’re going to channel what is going to be a flood. In short, South America is what North America is going to be doing next.

Libertarian and patriot values are on the rise in South America but they are deeply historically rooted.
Business and investment interests find willing and capable partners with the connections to make things happen.

Our South American Investment Tour will hit the hot spots.

  • Bogota, Colombia. Exceptional investment value with modern infrastructure and services.
  • Santiago, Chile. A current expat favorite, home of Galt’s Gulch Chile.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina. A very European nation known for German expats and financial management so desperate their central bank is actually considering bitcoin as its national currency. Read that again. Smart investors, however, can find considerable assets in very attractive price ranges.
  • Montevideo, Uruguay. A financial paradise in addition to being the first nation to legalize hemp for growth, sale and consumption. Uruguay represents relatively un-discovered opportunity and a unique relationship to surrounding economies.

Better connected here and there.

Simply put, we’re rooted in the liberty movement in the USA and South America. We are South American land owners, we have family, history and long term business connections. We have the language skills, we understand the legal environments and obstacles, we’re versed in the economics and the opportunities but, perhaps most of all, we have relationships. Latin American culture places great value on relationships and personal connections. Whom you are introduced by makes a very great difference. For this tour you will be traveling as part of our select group and you will be meeting the right kind of people in the right setting.

Business class all the way. With a local touch.

You won’t believe how beautiful these places are. As we travel with discreet executive level security you’ll enjoy the sights, the fragrances, the sounds of Latin America, its warm people, its daring food, its abundant and exotic natural life. You will taste freedom in a whole new way. We won’t be staying in international chain hotels or eating in franchise restaurants. This trip will feature 4 and 5-star accommodations and fine dining with host nation owner-operators.

This trip is limited to 20 persons, booked in advance. Full travel support will be provided in this all-inclusive tour.

Itinerary subject to change:

  1. The South America Investment Tour group first assembles in Atlanta GA, our point of departure. Full briefings and workshops commence. You’ll be more fully apprised of the nations, their economies and how they function regionally. We’ll review certain economic sectors and understand how to size up opportunities.
  2. We board a flight for Bogota, Colombia business class where we’ll immediately begin meeting people who want to meet us. This theme in addition to getting out and seeing the actual assets will be repeated in every nation we visit.
  3. We next visit Santiago, Chile, we’ll check out some established expat scenes to see business in development and review further business opportunities.
  4. Next we’re off to the little gem Montevideo, Uruguay to see a financial paradise in the making. Uruguay is uniquely positioned for experimentation.
  5. Our next leg to Buenos Aires will make you think you just landed in a European city. This is one place where the right acquisitions can open massive realms of possibility. At this point you will understand the economic relationship between Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.
  6. We fly back to Bogota where we have an opportunity to establish follow up plans and insure contacts.
  7. From here, tour participants are free to travel back to the USA individually or remain for more exploration.
  8. Our systems track all tour guests to their final destinations, our travel support remains available until you arrive in your own home.

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Announcements will be made regularly as we finalize each particular of our schedule. You will be contacted to assess your level of interest and be informed when you can apply for these reservations. Success and liberty travel together!